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All comments require a scholarly or peer-reviewed reference that supports a position or question. The standard citation styles used here at Module 9 are APA, MLA or Chicago.

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This is how you will gain the most benefit from Module 9. By following a blog post or a member's feed, you can rapidly expand your field of knowledge. Tell others when you think they are on to something! Share your insights with the world.

What is a scholarly resource?

The opposite of "fake news," a scholarly or peer-reviewed resource is a publication that has been written and reviewed by experts in a particular field of study. Sources of information are thoroughly cited, and all content has commonly undergone a peer review.

And why is it important?

In most cases, anyone conducting educational or project research will be required to provide scholarly resources. Moreover, scholarly and peer-reviewed sources are excellent for finding out what has been studied and approved by experts.

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Now that you know the "how-tos" and "what-for" of using Module 9, it's time to get started. Enjoy your research and remember to share! Let's build a robust community of social learners.

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