Module 9 at 11:22

is a social learning space. Members are interested in developing and sharing an academic understanding of many topics.

Blogs are posted weekly and always begin with the initial exploration of one of many forms of media, i.e., books, film, a speech, an article, or an idea.

Whether you are a scholar, student, professional, or just curious about the world... Module 9 is where your thoughtful solution begins.

An open social-learning community...

Social learning occurs through the public observation and exploration of ideas. Module 9 members harness logic and divergent thinking to build upon scholarly and peer-reviewed data. Moreover, Module 9 members are big thinkers who are interested in the evolutionary results of research and how it can shape their future and the world.

Benefit from Module 9 recommended interdisciplinary research. Propose new concepts and invite friends to discuss, develop and review ideas. Create a following or follow a post. Build debate skills using evidence and reasoning.

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