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Updated 11/17/2019 at 12:36 a.m.

On Friday, former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch eloquently provided testimony in the Impeachment Inquiry of President Donald Trump, documenting his effort to sabotage her career and legislated U.S. diplomacy toward the Ukraine for personal political gain.

To understand why Ambassador Yovanovitch's dedicated efforts as a foreign diplomat are so highly esteemed - receiving a standing ovation following her testimony, we should look at the hard work and commitment of U.S. ambassadors and diplomats abroad.

The United States Foreign Service has a long history of training up some of the best career service diplomats in the world. Frequently, the risks they take, and the relationships they build, are vital to regional peace in the countries where they serve, more importantly, for the protection of Americans and U.S. national security.

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Module 9 | Prompt

  1. What are the risks of assigning an inexperienced and poorly trained diplomat into service overseas?
  2. What has made America a leader in foreign diplomacy for the last 40 years?
  3. What are the challenges America will face if we place Ambassadors in the field that do not serve the interest of the American people?
  4. What benefits do career diplomats bring to the role of foreign diplomacy, U.S. security, and nation building?


Ambassadors and all U.S. diplomats are "...the first line of defense... and they serve the safety of Americans traveling abroad."

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Richard Holbrooke is likely the most successful U.S. ambassador in American history; saving millions of lives in times of crisis. Even today, his legacy continues to provide millions of people around the globe their freedom.

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