Newsworthy | My Life Is Changing, and Module 9 Too…

Dear Module 9 Readers,

Thank you for visiting and reading Module 9 at 11:22. It has been a tiny but fierce little blog, edited and published several times a month over the past year, with a passion for sharing knowledge that empowers readers to look a little deeper at the psychology that lies below the surface of human systems.

In the coming months, and possibly years ahead, I will post blog updates infrequently - as time permits. I am making this change to be able to care for a member of my family who has been struggling to manage a serious illness. Eventually, I expect to return with weekly blogs, and to my fledgling podcast several times throughout the year. However, for now, my family needs me more.

If you would like to receive notifications when a new blog is posted, please subscribe for updates...I have amazing new analysis simply awaiting the gift of time.


Julie Elliott, Editor



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